Innovative Designs

Our innovation and design truly makes a difference to your hotel room. All the Roomwell Product are designed with eye for detail. When we design we always put functionality and design in the first place. With our products, we aspire to make a unique contribution to creating attractive hotel rooms.

British Design & Technology

Roomwell’s special technical features and accessories have been studied and developed in-house. Our product developers ensure that products are designed specific to the market, following feedback and input from the world’s leading housekeeper and hoteliers. Exclusive accessories such as Battery free scale, the retractable ironing board and arrange welcome tray, distinguish our products making them unique on the market.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Roomwell, the customer is our primary focus. Customers appreciate us for our fast response time. Would you like to receive a quote or do you have a question or complaint? We respond within 1 working day at the latest and usually within 2 hours. We are also fast when it comes to shipping. Our large inventory allows us to deliver directly in 95% of the cases, even with very large orders.


Roomwell products are made to minimize their impact on the planet. Kettles which come in smaller sizes help to reduce water usage, minibars fitted with a heat absorption system which generates no greenhouse gases, and trays made of FSC certified wood (from sustainably managed forests). From packaging to power consumption, each detail is carefully conceived to preserve the environment. With paper and energy usage reduced as much as possible, fewer components and a low wattage required to switch them on, our products are eco-responsibly designed and produced.

5-Years Warranty

All Roomwell products come with a minimum of 2-year to a maximum of 5-year warranty. We are convinced of the quality of our products and we guarantee a fast and correct after sales.

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